Valente - October Update

It’s been some time since I last updated, but I’ve certainly been busy since then. Much of my work continues to revolve around fixing, maintaining, and adding content to the project website. This includes organizing and writing pieces for the Bigallo page, creating repositories for the various content pages-to-be including “Artwork,” “Buildings,” “People,” etc. Finally, I have worked on making the site more dynamically responsive, replacing much of the HTML included in the template we used with Markdown and Liquid syntax. This will make it easier for current and future contributors to add content to the site, which should automatically generate pages without needing much editing after the fact.

At some point I will also be addressing the project blog, which I know is not as user-friendly or well-developed as it could or should be. Given my busy class schedule and extracurricular obligations, I don’t know how soon that will happen, but keep checking to stay up-to-date on our progress!