Katherine's Update

Hello again, world wide web! I have been busily working away on learning the basics of web design and translating Paatz. The Paatz translation has taken me quite some time as it is my first ever official translation. I have been working with Professor Paul Youngman our German Department to untangle the couple’s particularly convoluted sentences.

I finished my preliminary translation of the “Building History” for the Baptistery a few weeks ago but it still requires a lot of editing. In my first draft I tried to stay as close to the original text as possible in translation. I made only minimal adjustments to word order and retained all superfluous language. Now, I am working on honing the text to read fluidly in English while retaining Paatz’ voice. As I make a adjustments to the “Building History,” I have also been transcribing footnotes and text. Last night I attempted to scan my library copy of Paatz and run a text converter to save myself some time. While this did prove useful, it did not read all the text perfectly. I plan to work on a better scan in the first place. The footnotes for the “Building History” are about five times as long as the text, and the Paatzes have included an encyclopedia of information within them. I will be uploading them as a I translate them, because I want to get the “Building History” out as soon as possible. Lastly, I have created a branch to work on updating the flow of the blog page. I will be revising the tag system to create a more streamlined and intuitive system.

The FLAW team will be dispersing for Thanksgiving break over the weekend. But not to worry, we will continue to work on the site! Look for my first translation post next week!