Our New Home

A view from our apartment over the rooftops; we have a small patio.

June 2nd, 2019

After days of travel, we’ve arrived!

Myself (Win Gustin) and Alice Chambers, both class of 2020, have successfully arrived in Florence and hauled our luggage up the six flights to our new home for the next four weeks. Although Professor George Bent won’t be joining us for another week, we’ve got plenty to do until then.

Because the two of us are fairly new to photogrammetric modeling, we’ll be starting easy with the facade of Santa Miniato on Tuesday. After checking our photos to ensure they came out alright, we’ll tackle the exterior of Santa Croce the following day, producing high-resolution models of the entire exterior, as well as of some of the interior courtyards. This way, when Professor Bent returns a week from now, we’ll have plenty of work to discuss - a springboard into the next three weeks.

Though the task ahead is daunting, Alice and I are extremely excited about building upon the work our peers have done in the past - none of this would be possible without the countless hours of work they’ve put into Florence as it Was, and the same goes for Professor Bent. Let’s get to work!

Win Gustin