Intuitive (And Not Confusing)

A view of the green, forested valley nearby Fiesole, in Tuscany.

June 21st, 2019

We’ve had a busy week here in Florence! We’ve been working with Santa Croce on Tuesday and Thursday, making plenty of photogrammetric and point cloud models of the interior - specifically, of several of the family chapels. Hopefully, we’ll be able to embed information into these models, to be presented to viewers through some kind of easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Of course, we’re still figuring out what that would look like. Today, I went to the church of San Marco, near the Innocenti, and took a look at their own digital displays (as well as who installed them!) From what I understand, much of the difficulty will be in accessibility, making this information easy to understand in an interface that is intuitive and not confusing. Bizarrely, one of San Marco’s digital screens required you to use a mouse on a 45 degree angle to interact with it - so some of it was a bit dated, but still informative.

We’re already coming up to the end of our stay! We have just one more week of work to fit in before Professor Bent, Alice, and I go our separate ways. Next week, we’re continuing photographing and scanning Santa Croce and the Innocenti - what’s more, there may be a trip to Siena in the works to improve one of our models!