Marching Orders

A view of Lexington's Nelson street, the heart of downtown!

August 9th, 2019

It’s been a productive first week back! And, with this blog post, I have finally caught up with the backlog of posts from this summer. You might also notice some new changes on the website! We’re reworking the home page so that the buildings section is now listed as a table instead of big chunks taking up a quarter of the page - this means we’ll have more space to add future buildings as they’re worked on. Getting that to work required a bit of tricky liquid formatting, which I am VERY new to, but I’m pleased with the results!

Alice is returning next week, which means we can begin proper work on the Siena model, since she has a lot of the photographs of Siena. Professor Bent is leaving next week for a much-needed vacation, so Alice’s job is to work on the Siena model and my job is to update the website and make some changes to the 2D map. We’re planning on making it easier to get linked back to this website from the 2D map, so you can click on a building and it’ll take you to that building’s page, or 3D models. Look for new updates on the website’s appearance! We’ve got a productive month ahead of us.