Stitching it Together

A screenshot of the new Innocenti point cloud model, with a statue in front and the facade stretching behind.

August 22nd, 2019

Just one more week until the new semester gets properly underway! Alice and I are finishing some of the big projects - the Siena chapel and San Miniato - before we’re once again swamped with schoolwork. Professor Bent is here with me today, working on the San Miniato point cloud, so hopefully we’ll be able to stitch together the photogrammetric facade with the interior point cloud - which you can see here.

Beyond that, I’ve been very busy with making further changes to the website; if you look at the “3D models” page, there should be embedded Sketchfab and Potree models along with explanations on how to use them - that page will need a lot of tweaking, but it’s a good start, because we don’t just use Sketchfab now!

Another thing: we’ve begun adding the Borbottoni paintings to the 2D map. For now, we just have locations - you can’t see the paintings themselves at those locations yet - but ideally we’ll have it so that you can click on a highlighted street corner and immediately see the Borbottoni painting associated with it, an illustration of what you’re looking at.