Po-tree or Potree?

September 23, 2020

Hello all, my name is Ellie and I’ve just begun working on the FLAW team. I write this as I again attempt to understand the workings of Potree. For now, I am learning the basics, such as adding to the site and embedding links within the models. This week, we luckily got an awesome tutorial from alumnus Win, who helped demonstrate how to add annotations and images into the models. With plenty of essays ready to be embedded into models such as the Bardi chapel, it is just a matter of figuring out how to do so. However, for the meantime I will hold off from working within the actual models and stick to my practice copies.

We have elected for our next meeting to be online, following suit with many recent University adjustments. For the coming weeks, in order to move forward with larger projects, Georgie and I will continue to become versed in the 3D models and the site inventory.

Lesson of the week: if at first you don’t succeed, po-tree, po-tree, po-tree again.