Introducing Myself

October 7, 2020

Hello, world! My name is Georgie Gaines, and I am very excited to be one of the new additions to the FLAW team this year, along with Ellie Penner. We still have lots to learn, but after weeks of trial and error, I think we are getting the hang of it. I have mostly been dealing with the website, updating and formatting various pages to keep our information current and accessible, and doing my best to learn how Potree works. Part of our planned updates to the point-cloud models is embedding more information with text and images, so I am perfecting the process of creating annotations in Potree and inserting photogrammetry models into point-cloud models. I am starting to think that coding is not so scary after all—at least not when you have such great teachers!

Now that midterms are over, I am excited to do more experimenting with the website layout and Potree. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!