Summer "Vacation"

June 14, 2021

Happy Summer Vacation!

My name is Ava Boussy, and I joined Florence as It Was over this past winter. Since then we’ve been hard at work cleaning up the website, models, and maps. COVID didn’t create the best travelling conditions, so Ellie, Elyssa, and I had to pass on Italy this summer, but we’re excited to have Professor Bent overseas in Florence scanning away!

Meanwhile in Lexington we’ve been capitalizing on our access to the IQ center – Ellie has been adding to the website and doing research on artworks for our database, Haochen has been cruising through 3D models, Elyssa is gearing up for her east coast museum tour, and I’ve been constructing databases and designing the ARCGIS map. We’re super excited to see how much we can get done this summer, and we can’t wait to show you the updated project.

Oh, and I’m also revitalizing the blog and the Twitter (@Florenceasitwas), so keep checking back for updates!