Hitting the Ground Running

A photo of one of Santa Maria Novella's interior grassy cloisters, with its tower visible above the rooftop.

June 6th, 2019

Since arriving in Florence, we’ve really hit the ground running. Although there’s been a few setbacks - San Miniato wasn’t open when we thought it would be, and we had great difficulty figuring out where to get a tessera for our Kunsthistorische Institut IDs - but we’ve taken an astounding number of photos of the exterior and inner courtyards of Santa Croce. Santa Croce is a tricky one due primarily to its immense size and the number of components we need to fit together to make work. Additionally, we can only photograph it during its open hours, which means dealing with frustrating direct sunlight instead of the early morning light we prefer.

Today, Alice will be going to the Kunst Institut to conduct research on one of our upcoming scans, while I will be working on website content and additions to the map, so keep an eye on that. Professor Bent should be here by the time of my next entry, and we’ll have plenty to do then.

Win Gustin