Another Week Bites the Dust

A screenshot of the current 2D map, showing the new

August 16th, 2019

Another week down! My good friend, Alice Chambers, has returned, and it’s been full steam ahead for this project. Pretty much all week long, we’ve been busy processing these models - the Siena chapel, with all our attention to detail during the photography process paying off - and San Miniato, one of our first expeditions, which I’ve been having a little more trouble with… Agisoft Metashape isn’t a huge fan of variable zoom between photographs, which we were thought might help with the level of detail. However, a bit of cleaning and San Miniato is on its way to becoming fully-realized!

In addition, those changes to the two-dimensional map I mentioned have been completed! If you take a look now, there should be no more duplicate points, and the locations that have corresponding web pages on this website now contain links to those pages, plus links to their 3D models if we have those, too. We also wanted to make our work on Potree more visible, so take a look at the large colored areas - click on them, and you can go to the in-progress Potree model just like that!

For next week, it’s finishing up these models, adding the Borbottoni paintings to the 2D map, and seeing if we can restore the terracotta babies to their rightful place on the facade of the Innocenti. More on that later!