Summer's End

A view of Main Street Lexington during the Sidewalk Sale of the last weekend. Plenty of tents and crafts abound!

August 28th, 2019

This is it for me! It’s been an incredibly productive month for the website and for our photogrammetry. Alice is hard at work on finishing up the Siena model, while I finally finished the San Miniato model - which we’ll hopefully be able to add to the Potree interior of that model! Keep checking the (brand new!) 3D models page to see what gets added, because we’ll still be hard at work on all of this as the semester continues.

So what’s in store for the future? Well, I might not be as present for the fall semester as I usually am, but I’ll be around, uploading and making models as well as updating the site, and so will Alice - we have ambitious plans for completely redesigning the site (hopefully before we graduate!)

This is, unfortunately, the end of such regular blog updates, at least from me, but I’ll try to continue updating as we hit milestones throughout the year. Keep an eye on the 3D models page as well as the maps page, that’s where we’ll be seeing some exciting changes. Have a great year!

Win Gustin