Project Blog

This blog represents an ongoing record of our contributors’ efforts, thoughts, work processes, and more.

Work in Progress

A Morning in Siena

Hello World

Aidan, Colby, and I have been very busy since we arrived in Florence three weeks ago. After finishing up the term in Lexington, the three of us met Professor Bent here in Florence. We hit the ground running and began photographing the Bargello the very next morning.

Photogrammetry in Lexington

After a brief hiatus, the Florence As It Was Team is back in action! Despite our radio silence, we have been hard at work behind the scenes.

Scanning the Baptistery - A Tale of Wonder

January 4, 2018 Day One

“Jet lagged, but determined”

What a day we had.

Katherine's Update

Hello again, world wide web! I have been busily working away on learning the basics of web design and translating Paatz. The Paatz translation has taken me quite some time as it is my first ever official translation. I have been working with Professor Paul Youngman our German Department to untangle the couple’s particularly convoluted sentences.

Colby's Intro

Hello all! My name is Colby Gilley and I am a sophomore Classics major here at W&L involved with Florence As It Was project. As is the case for our whole team, I will be working with various aspects of the project, from writing a multitude of content essays, to working with arcGIS software to populate our 2D maps, to learning how to use drones to expedite our photogrammetry process, and beyond!

MC's Intro

Hello! My name is Mary Catherine Greenleaf, and I’d like to introduce myself and my place as a new member of the Florence As It Was project! I’m a junior studio art and computer science double major, with high dreams of entering the game design or animation fields. As such, my place in the project lies within the realm of 3D modeling.

Valente - October Update

It’s been some time since I last updated, but I’ve certainly been busy since then. Much of my work continues to revolve around fixing, maintaining, and adding content to the project website.

Katherine's Intro

My name is Katherine, and I am a junior art history major with a minor in German language. For this project, I will largely be replacing Sonia (big shoes to fill) and will be working to translate Paatz The Churches of Florence and other German writers into English.

Sam's Summer So Far

It has been almost exactly 3 months since I wrote my last blog post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the project or learning about the which necessary foundational steps we need to take for the project to succeed.

So here’s a quick update about my work on the project:

Fieldwork in Florence

Halfway through the six-week Florentine part of the project is as good a time as any to give an update on our progress, so here goes nothing! Sam and I have been in Florence for twenty-two days now, and what we’ve realized in that time is that this project has some massive hurdles in front of it that it must overcome if we want it to become a success.

Designing the Digital Experience

Hello all, Over the past few weeks Sonia and I have begun to focus more of our efforts on the actual user interface aspects of the project. When we meet with Paul in the IQ center he constantly encourages us to think about the technicalities of the program’s design, and what we can do to make it easier to use and improve the user’s experience.

Creating the VR Experience Step-by-Step

Aside from a period of testing alternate logos, for the past couple of months I have worked on creating simple 3D models to produce a broad map of Early Republican Florence.  To create the 3D models I have taken the following steps:

Academic Tours and End Goals

As Miles and I have continued to meet with Dr. Low in the IQ Center to review various options for the ways in which viewers can interact with a digital Florentine space, we have constantly had to ask and re-ask ourselves “what do we want the viewer to get out of this experience?”

Aidan's Intro

Hello, World! I’m Aidan Valente, the fourth student contributing to the Florence as it Was project at the moment. Like Sonia, I’m an Art History and Medieval & Renaissance Studies double-major.

Mapping the City

The past two weeks Miles and I have been meeting with Dr. Paul Low in W&L’s IQ center to understand the  technological aspects of mapping and Virtual Reality (VR). Our meeting last week consisted primarily of our overlaying a map of the city center from the late 15th century onto a GoogleEarth map.

Miles' Intro

Greetings, interweb. My name is Miles Bent, and this is my first blog post for the W&L Digital Humanities “Florence as it was” project. In it, I’ll offer my perspective on the project we are undertaking this term at Washington and Lee University. So here goes. First, a little about the project.

Sam's Intro

Hi, my name is Sam Joseph. I’m a sophomore at Washington & Lee University, working on the “Florence As It Was” Digital Humanities project. Last week, I designed the project logo.

Sonia's Intro

My name is Sonia, and I’m a senior art history and medieval & renaissance studies double major with a German minor. I’m working primarily on the artistic and German sources that have to do with the project.